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About Our Company

WorldWide Live! Inc. (WWL!) is an international news service providing live video coverage of worldwide breaking news shot by eyewitness cellphone users on our social media app, My L!ve app, and sending it directly to newsrooms around the world for live broadcast.MyL!VEapp…The most versatile News app…

This multi-faceted, video streaming app based platform provides phone users a better and broader experience than popular apps.

Its proprietary uniqueness allows world news clients to give their users immediate broadcast exposure of news events they are shooting. MyL!VEapp enables our clients’ users to socialize, share video with family and friends, connect with local Emergency Services (ES) and stream news to the world. Its one button, Direct Broadcast Connection with newsrooms makes MyL!VEapp News Directors’ “go-to” source for broadcasting live, eyewitness, breaking news.  

“Nobody has tried anything this daring. If this works…It will literally be like a wildfire….and Yes…I would use this app”          Local TV station Marketing Special Products Producer

MyL!VEapp…a lifesaver…

MyL!VEapp’s personal safety application provides participating Emergency Services operators accurate, life saving, location finding capability for users making 911 calls.

Simply put….with MyL!VEapp……people can…..

“Share With Friends!…Save A Life!…Stream The News!”…

With the free MyL!VEapp users can send eyewitness live news directly to a local news broadcast outlet for instant broadcast or to be recorded for use on a live news show later in the day. If users need to call 911, about an event they witness, they have a direct connection to their local 911 Emergency Response Center. By upgrading the app to Premium status they can participate in Book-A-Cam and be hired by broadcasters to shoot live news, have their recorded news streams brokered by WWL! to news media and receive 75% of the brokering fees and have their name embedded on all live newscasts of their live videos.

So…..”When news happens…SHOOT IT!


The WWL! platform is uniquely geared to connect app users shooting eyewitness news directly with news organization for immediate dissemination of live breaking news through WWL!’s DBC, Direct Broadcast Connection capability.

For more information contact us and a WWL! representative will get back with you.


MyL!VEapp is purposefully designed as a Socially Responsible, Social Media mobile app encouraging citizens to aid and assist others when witnessing tragic unfolding events by easily enabling them to call 911. It’s DEC, Direct Emergency Connection with local Emergency Services call centers addresses people’s need to feel safe and secure.

This platform enables 911 to receive calls through present call center infrastructure, pinpoint call location and receive video/audio of the event. It can be used by Fire, SWAT and City Managers. Police, under pressure to use “Cop Cams”, will enjoy the ease and freedom the app offers.

For more information contact us and a WWL! representative will contact you.

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