MyL!VE App™ is an innovative smart phone application that allows users to stream videos of any event they are witnessing live to any news station, organization or social media site of their choice. The app puts breaking news and events directly in the hands of the public.


The My L!VE App™ allows you to stream live to social media and other media outlets straight from your smart phone.
To Begin – Launch My Live App

License Agreement

Then Tap “Agree” to “End User License Agreement” and “Device Permissions” as well as enabling “Location Services”.


Now it’s time to make a simple profile with your Name, your desired Username, and an optional Picture. Tap on the “My Live App” button at the top of your screen.

News Organizations

You can choose up to three (3) News Organizations to automatically share your content with. Tap the icon to the right of your favorite Organizations to add them to your list. If you can’t find your desired Organization, you can search for it Here. Now that your Connections have been set up, tap “My Live App”

Home Screen

Now that you are all set up let’s go over the basics of the app. This is the Home Screen where you can watch content recorded by other users.


This button allows you to quickly call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

My Videos

“My Videos”, which stores your streaming footage to your phone only if “Record to Phone” is enabled.

Camera Settings

“My Camera” allows you to change the resolution of the video being shot.

My Social Networks

Also in the “More” menu is the “My Social Networks” button.

Stream to Social Account

Also in the “My Camera” Menu is the “Stream to Social Account” option.


This is the “Map” button. This feature will show your location and other locations of your connections.

Start Broadcast

This is the Start Broadcast Button. once you tap this button you will be promopted hold your device horizontal to ensure standard recording quality.

Live Streaming News Broadcast

Once your device is rotated, you will be prompted to  select a news type. Before you select your news type and start your broadcast, you have the chance to choose whether to save to your phone and or change the resolution of your streaming once more.
Other buttons on screen allow you to – Add notes to your stream,
Turn flash on and off,

And switch from back facing camera to front facing camera.
These buttons can be hidden by tapping on the gears button in the lower right corner.
In the top right corner is the chat feature which allows you to select a News organization to communicate to while you are live streaming. A number will appear in the speech bubble if you have a message notification.

Streaming Live

While you are streaming live, a Red box will boarder your stream if a News organization is streaming your feed live.

Automatically Saved

Everything you stream is automatically saved to a cloud server where your News organization can view and broadcast at later times.

You are now ready to stream live.

Please refer to the My Live App Help for more detailed procedures.

Thank you for using My Live App.


…and a Worldwide Live! representative will contact you.
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